Sugar Waxing- What, How?

What Is Sugar Waxing?

These pastes and gels are usually made of 100% all natural ingredients such as water, sugar, and even lemon juice. Sugar waxing usually works better for those with sensitive skin, due to the nature of the process and the ingredients that are used In addition, is it difficult to estimate how often this procedure needs to be performed to maintain results, because the time between waxings will depend on the individual’s rate of hair growth and their personal hair structure


However, generally these waxings can keep individuals hair free for approximately a month to a month and a half For most individuals, sugar waxing is an acceptable option, because it is simply economical, simpler, and gentler than traditional waxing or daily shaving

How Is Sugar Waxing Done?

As with other types of waxing, sugar waxing involves heating up the paste/gel and applying a fine layer on top of the skin Pastes and gels are applied in different manners, so pay careful attention to which type of substance you or the technician is using

While paste is first applied in the direction opposing the hair growth and then the direction of hair growth via hands, gel is always applied solely in the direction of hair growth Cotton strips are then placed onto the wax and rolled away This removes the hair follicles with the rolling of the cotton strip The process of sugaring is so gentle that it can be used on the majority of body parts, with the exception of the face This is because facial hair has a different structural makeup with unique follicles However, it can be used to get rid of hair on eyebrows, armpits, legs, arms, stomachs, and bikini areas

Why Choose Sugar Waxing?

In general, waxing with sugar is far less painful than waxing and far less taxing than daily shaving. It simulates removing a sticky plaster from one’s skin, yet redness usually goes away with 24 hours

Since sugar merely sticks to one’s hair and not their skin, less pain is experienced Solutions are also natural, so they contain some forms of healing ingredients, usually in the form of citric acid and Arabic gum These solutions are also used at room temperature, which eliminates the need for excessive heating that is used with traditional waxing

In addition, this process contains no chemicals and cleanup is easy, due to the nature of the ingredients used Furthermore, sugar waxing is a much easier process to perform by oneself in the comfort of their own home than traditional waxing Not to mention, missed spots and can be easily gone over once more without extreme hassle or additional pain

In fact, sugar waxing on a regular basis can even discourage hair growth in these trouble areas in general, so it may transform from a simple routine procedure to providing long-lasting results

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