How To Measure Bra Cups – Right & Wrong

It is imperative that you wear a bra with the most convenient and suitable bra cup size in order to complement your figure and to provide full support to your bust. It is very simple to measure bra sizes and it can be done at home by you yourself. The only equipment you will require is a tape measure and a fair enough knowledge of some math.

Bra Sizes

Bra measurements are made up of two essential components:-

  • breastsizeBra size, that is the size of the region below the breasts, also known as the frame size. Bra size is measured in inches and is always expressed as an even number in the US. In other countries, there are other systems of measurement of the bra sizes.
  • Cup size, that is the size of the curvature of the bust. Cup sizes are expressed in letters such as A, B, C, etc. A is the smallest cup size and it increases thereon. You can increase your size with brestrogen enhancement cream

This article explains how to measure bra cup sizes.

How to Measure Bra Cup Sizes

For measuring bra cup sizes, you need to be equipped with nothing more than a tape measure. The following steps explain how to go about the process:-

  • First place the tape measure below the breasts, taking care to see that no part of the breast tissue is taken by the tape measure. Pass the tape measure all the way around the back and then see how much the circumference is. This is called as the frame size. This size indicates the circumference of the base or the frame of the bra.
  • The frame size will be in inches. If it is an even number, then this is your bra size. But if it is an odd number, then add 1 inch to it to get the size of your bra size.
  • Next is the most important step. With the bra size you can get a bra with the proper frame size, but your job is not done till you determine the proper size of the curvature of your breasts, which is called as the cup size. To measure the cup size, place the tape around your breasts at their fullest region (this region is generally around the nipples). Pass the tape all the way round the back and measure the circumference. This measurement, also in inches, is called as the bust size.
  • Now is the time to do some calculations. Subtract the frame size from the bust size. Obviously you will get the difference in inches. This difference is used to measure the size of the cup. To know your cup size, just refer to the following table:-

Bra Size Chart

Difference in inches Cup size
1 inch difference A cup size
2 inch difference B cup size
3 inch difference C cup size
4 inch difference D cup size
5 inch difference DD cup size
6 inch difference DDD cup size
7 inch difference DDDD cup size
8 inch difference FF cup size
9 inch difference G cup size
10 inch difference H cup size
11 inch difference I cup size
12 inch difference J cup size

Once you get the cup size, all you have to do is to go to the nearest lingerie store and place an order.

Precautions to be Taken While Measuring and Ordering Bras According to Cup Sizes

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It is extremely easy to measure bra cup sizes, but it is very important to try out a few bra sizes before buying or placing an order. Remember the following tips:-

  • brestrogen-faq-lady-2Bra cup sizes made by different companies are different. Meaning that, a 32C of Victoria’s Secret will be different from a 32C of Frederick’s. Hence, it is important to ask for trials (or buy a single piece if the store doesn’t allow trials) and check your most convenient size. This table may show that a B cup fits you best, but in reality it could be a C cup and you would never know that unless you try them out.
  • Remember that your breasts are not permanent – they undergo changes during your menstrual cycle, and very prominently during pregnancies. Hence, do not order a bra cup size according to a measurement taken previously. Each time you are shopping for a bra, take the current measurement with you. This is also the reason why you must not overstock on bras.
  • Different nations use different methods of measuring bra and cup sizes. The above chart is for the US system of measurement. For other nations, ask the store for a conversion chart, which they most possibly will have.

Measuring for a bra cup size is a very easy thing to do, but it is also very important. Before shopping for a bra yourself (or before giving your husband the subtle hint) it is necessary to take the measurement following the above guidelines.

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