Causes of Vaginal Yeast Infections

Hormonal imbalance is one of the most common causes of Candidiasis. People on antibiotic therapy are also susceptible because most antibiotics lead to the elimination of the yeast’s natural competitors thereby allowing the overgrowth of c.albicans. With the overgrowth come several different conditions. Although they do not progress to any life-threatening conditions, they may very […]

Sugar Waxing- What, How?

What Is Sugar Waxing? These pastes and gels are usually made of 100% all natural ingredients such as water, sugar, and even lemon juice. Sugar waxing usually works better for those with sensitive skin, due to the nature of the process and the ingredients that are used In addition, is it difficult to estimate how […]

The Interaction of PhenQ Diet Pills and Hypothyroidism

Most diet pills do not allow people with different health conditions to use their products. These include children, the aged, and people with certain health complications. The health conditions listed usually consist of heart complications, blood pressure problems, thyroid disease, sexual disorders, diabetes, and hypertension among other serious conditions. Even the most effective diet pills […]

Start here or somewhere

So what to do, what to do?……with the journaling and diaries over the years as I gravitate to the blog? Nothing. It would be sort of like saving your old tupperware lids in hopes of finding the bottoms some day. That journal will go with me to the grave (and beyond). Perhaps there were things […]

Wants V/s Needs

We don’t NEED much, if you really think about it. But we sure WANT a lot, don’t we? In the past several months, for many different reasons on many different levels, wants and needs keep resurfacing. “I need a drink” as spoken by a child in Malawi has quite a different meaning from “I need […]

Hi Dad, Me again

I spent some time with my dad tonight. I deeply felt his presence, or more than likely it was my Father’s presence. Whatever, we were all there together. The night was chilly, and as my aching knees fell on the cold wet grass, I couldn’t deny the comfort in the fact that after 11 years, […]